Streetz Myestro Beats

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Before and After Samples


MP3/WAV (store purchase)Trackout (store purchase)
$25 first song$35 first song
$20 each additional$30 each additional

MP3/WAV (other beats)Trackout up to 16 tracks (other beats)Trackout 17-30 tracks (other beats)
$50 first song$70 first song$100 first song
$45 each additional$65 each additional$95 each additional

Get Your Tracks Ready

  1. Remove all effects from tracks (plug-ins, eq, compression, etc).
  2. Leave at least -3dbs of headroom.
  3. Label each track (for example, lead, background, hook).
  4. When exporting, all tracks are exported from start to finish individually.
  5. Tracks should be exported at 24 bit 44100 hz as a WAV or AIFF file. No MP3s.All tracks should be zipped together by song and uploaded to a file sharing site. Provide the download link on the submission form below. If you are using Google Drive you may share your folder with [email protected]
  6. A reference mix track is not required but gives some point of reference for any specific effects.

Need additional help? Message me or email me: [email protected]

Mixing Order Form

Please fill out the form below. If you purchased Streetz Myestro beats, use the email address used for the purchase or enter the order number. You will be emailed an invoice via PayPal with a song preview sample included. To continue with your order, complete payment of the invoice and your remaining songs will be mixed and emailed to you after completion.

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