Streetz Myestro Beats

Q: How do I buy a beat?

A: Beat Store Purchases:  (1) Click +ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order. (2) Select the license you require. (3) When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to PayPal. (4) After payment you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail).

To Add Coupons:  Use the Menu button and then choose Add Coupon. Enter your coupon code and then hit Apply Coupon. Coupons must be added before you checkout.

Package Deals:  To take advantage of package deals, you must add the beats being purchased and the free beats all to the cart to activate the offer. For example, buy 2 beats get 3 free, you must add all 5 beats to the cart to receive the offer.

Q: Can I use your free beats for profit?

A: No, you must purchase a lease to exploit the beat. You can view the terms of use here: Free Beats Agreement

Q: Will the tag play throughout the instrumental?

A: No. Once purchased, you will receive a non-tagged version of the instrumental.

Q: How soon will I receive my instrumental?

A: Immediately after payment is approved, you will receive the download links to your Paypal email address or the email address provided when using a debit or credit card. Before contacting me, please be sure to check your spam folder.

Q: What if I don’t have a PayPal account or a debit/credit card?

A: There are a number of prepaid debit cards available. A good prepaid card that doesn’t charge monthly fees is Bluebird by American Express. You can sign up online for free at or in-store at Walmart for $5 and get a temporary card that can be used immediately until you receive your permanent card in the mail. Bluebird FAQs

Q: How do I give credit to the producer?

A: Use one the following formats:

Produced by Streetz Myestro
Music by Streetz Myestro
Beat by Streetz Myestro

Q: What are trackouts?

A: Trackout means that every sound of the instrumental (drums, snares, hit hats, instruments, etc.) will all be separated in high quality wav audio files also known as tracks (stems). This method is beneficial because your engineer will have more control over the editing, mixing, and mastering process for the best sound possible.

Q: After an instrumental is purchased, is it removed?

A: Yes and no. When an exclusive instrumental is bought, it is no longer available for sale or download and will be removed from the site. When a non-exclusive instrumental is bought, it will remain on the site and can still be sold.

Q: What happens if I buy a lease and someone purchases exclusive rights? Will I still be able to use it?

A: Yes. By purchasing a lease you automatically receive a contract that grants you rights to continue using the instrumental as long as the contractual agreement is not violated. However, you will not be able to upgrade your license.

Q: Can I copyright a song I recorded to your beat, and how do I go about doing it?

A: Yes. Although Streetz Myestro still owns the copyright to the instrumental, once you have recorded vocals on top of the instrumental you now own the copyright to that particular song. To copyright your song, simply go to and follow instructions.

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